Cultivating partnerships and solutions for economic growth and security in the Niger Delta


NDDF Imo State, Nigeria | October 19-20, 2016

NDDF 2016 will tackle key questions in syndicate sessions, leveraging the tradition of a value-added space where interested and committed development actors - public, private sector, development practitioners, and international development actors alike - convene to take actions to promote growth while seizing the huge opportunity to influence the development agenda for the region. Niger Delta states are experiencing crisis – politically, economically, socially, and environmentally. The collapse of global oil prices has taken its toll the hardest on the nine states of the Niger Delta, resulting in the re-emergence of violence by new militancy groups. Despite numerous efforts by both independent organizations and the Federal Government in convening key stakeholders in the region to collectively explore the imperatives of inclusive economic growth in an environment of dwindling oil prices, little headway has been achieved or documented on a firm way forward for the region.

Development is a complex and multi-disciplinary process, and perhaps the first step in articulating a way forward for the region is in re-imagining a possible future, beginning with changing the narrative of the Niger Delta.

Participation in the Forum is by invitation-only.

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NDDF Asaba, Nigeria | November 17-18, 2015

The 2015 Niger Delta Development Forum (NDDF) in Nigeria takes place at a watershed moment in the Niger Delta region. With the recent elections in Nigeria, there are shifts in leadership at many levels, including in at least five of the nine Niger Delta states. This offers a unique opportunity for this year’s Forum to frame and influence the discourse, priorities and flagship initiatives in the region for the next four years – building a synergy of effort around government and private sector investments as well as citizens priorities as we collectively move to explore the imperatives of inclusive economic growth and economic diversification in the Niger Delta. By gathering key decision makers from the public and private sphere, as well participants across infrastructure planning, finance and development, this NDDF aims to reach balanced and practical insights into the opportunities and solutions.

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NDDF Washington, DC | October 28, 2015

Our second annual forum in Washington, DC focused on opportunities for infrastructure investment in the Niger Delta, especially in the wake of newly elected Nigeria President Muhammadu Buhari’s decision to make capital investment a national government budget priority. Discussion topics included the Niger Delta region’s business enabling environment including the power sector, transportation, roads and land development. This year’s invitation-only event will feature issue roundtables and participation interaction.
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Our Affiliates


The Foundation for Partnership Initiatives in the Niger Delta (PIND) works to establish and encourage innovative multi-stakeholder partnerships that support programs and activities that empower communities to achieve a peaceful and enabling environment for equitable economic growth in the Niger Delta. 

ndpiNiger Delta Partnership Initiative
The Niger Delta Partnership Initiative (NDPI) Foundation is developing new solutions to economic and social challenges in the Niger Delta. Its partner-centric approach uses regional knowledge to understand the root causes of economic instability and forge community owned, market-driven results. 

ndlinkND Link

NDLink is an interactive online resource that enables organizations and professionals to build partnerships, expand capacity, and coordinate economic development efforts. With just one click, government officials, donors, international oil companies and development implementers are able to access the information they need to advance development activities in the region.

p4pPartners for Peace

Partners for Peace (P4P) is a grassroots network of peace builders in the Niger Delta focused on establishing innovative multi-stakeholder partnerships that enable socioeconomic development programs to improve the the region's standard of living. P4P amplifies the voices of those who are making a positive difference by building a network of self-identified agents of peace and leveraging that network through facilitation, small grants and capacity building.