NDLink is the online communications platform for the NDDF. Designed to encourage partnerships in the Niger Delta, NDLink leverages the power of the Internet to unite stakeholders in the region. In addition to supporting the goals of the NDDF, NDLink strives to stimulate sustainable regional development through dialogue, information sharing, coordination and partnership.

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Latest Tweets #NDDF2017

PINDFoundation The Niger Delta Development Forum (NDDF) is our biggest gather of stakeholders in the Niger Delta to chart a course for development of the region. #NDDF2017 pic.twitter.com/T...
10:11AM Jan 17
PINDFoundation PIND's Executive Director, Dr. Dara Akala, delivered a welcoming speech at the 6th edition of the Niger Delta Development Forum (NDDF) which took place in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, on November 14 and 15, 2017. #NDDF2017 pic.twitter.com/p...
11:59AM Dec 21
PINDFoundation For PIND’s Deputy Executive Director Tunji Idowu, the 2017 edition of the Niger Delta Development Forum (NDDF) was special. #NDDF2017 pic.twitter.com/6...
10:05AM Dec 13

Storify of #NDDF2015 Asaba

Niger Delta Development Forum, Asaba, Delta state #NDDF2015 (Day 1)The 4th Annual Niger Delta Development Forum with a theme of "Collaborative Efforts for Stimulating Investments and Inclusive Economic Growth in the Niger Delta" was held on November 17 - 18, 2015 in Delta state's capital city, Asaba.

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Twitter chat on #Agriculture (#NDDF2014)

Twitter chat on #Agriculture (#NDDF2014)In the lead up to the Niger Delta Development Forum in Calabar, Nigeria on 25-26 November 2014, NDLink held a twitter chat about agribusiness in the Niger Delta. The enthusiasm the chat created provided a glimpse of the importance of the subject.

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Storify of #NDDF2014 Calabar

Storify of #NDDF2014 CalabarThe two-day event hosted by the PIND Foundation and NDPI in Calabar Cross-River state brought together over 600 public and private sector professionals in the Agricultural sector to discuss strategies for unlocking investment opportunities in Agriculture in the region.

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Storify of #NDDF2014

Storify of #NDDF2014The #NDDF2014 hashtag sought to support and enhance the success of the Niger Delta Development Forum (NDDF) in Washington, D.C. by engaging a wide range of stakeholders from across the world to raise awareness of NDDF and NDLink as a convening information platform and help build a sustainable future for the Niger Delta.

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