Collaborative Efforts For Stimulating Investments and Inclusive Economic Growth in the Niger Delta

Asaba, Delta State, Nigeria | November 17-18, 2015

About the DEMAND ALLIANCE Partners

The DEMAND Alliance was created as part of the overall strategy of PIND Foundation in 2012 to enhance collaboration and partnership in the Niger Delta. DEMAND stands for Developing Market Alliances in the Niger Delta. The strategy and concept behind DEMAND is to lay a framework and guidelines for collaboration by like-minded donor agencies that are funding overlapping programs on economic development in the Niger Delta. DEMAND can lead to greater coordination in project implementation by organizations with shared interests, greater sharing of information and resources. A direct result will be a more effective influence on the overall development agenda in the Niger Delta, and enhanced development of local implementation capacity within the Niger Delta. Members of DEMAND include DFID, MARKETS II, FAO and USAID just to name a few. While it is understood that each member of the DEMAND will have its own programs with their own objectives, DEMAND seeks to get the members to align their approaches and objectives into common strategic visions, using complementary approaches.