NDDF Imo State, Nigeria | October 19-20, 2016

Niger Delta states are experiencing crisis – politically, economically, socially, and environmentally. The collapse of global oil prices has taken its toll the hardest on the nine states of the Niger Delta, resulting in the re-emergence of violence by new militancy groups. Despite numerous efforts by both independent organizations and the Federal Government in convening key stakeholders in the region to collectively explore the imperatives of inclusive economic growth in an environment of dwindling oil prices, little headway has been achieved or documented on a firm way forward for the region.

Development is a complex and multi-disciplinary process, and perhaps the first step in articulating a way forward for the region is in re-imagining a possible future, beginning with changing the narrative of the Niger Delta. A Niger Delta that ranks high in inclusive citizen participation in governance; where state governments operate with the concepts of transparency, accountability, and effectiveness at the forefront; where diversity in economic pursuits are championed by state governments and executed openly; and a region that no longer grapples with violence but where peace reigns. What are the steps needed to move the region in this direction, towards action and accountability on the part of all stakeholders, not just governments?

NDDF 2016 will tackle key questions in syndicate sessions, leveraging the tradition of a value-added space where interested and committed development actors - public, private sector, development practitioners, and international development actors alike - convene to take actions to promote growth while seizing the huge opportunity to influence the development agenda for the region.

Participation in the Forum is by invitation-only.

Owerri Forum Objectives

  • Shape awareness and shared understanding among stakeholders on the critical steps needed to move the region towards a re-imaged Niger Delta.
  • Increase actionable opportunities for sustainable development initiatives and activities in the Niger Delta region through evidence based policy influence at the state and federal levels.
  • Facilitate commitment of key actors (government, private sector, civil society, donor community) through dialogue, collaboration with diverse stakeholders and ongoing engagement activities with DEMAND Alliance partners for more inclusive pro-poor development initiatives in the Niger Delta.
  • Support achievement of the objectives of the overall global NDDF platform and the ongoing global and local economic growth initiatives by promoting multi-sector partnerships for development, investment and collaboration in the Niger Delta region, focusing on creation of national and regional platforms for reflection among development actors and interested stakeholders.

Format & Protocol

Conducted over two days, the Forum will aim to provide a space to open up the issues around inclusive economic growth using focused leading presentation papers on the 4 topic areas that will open up the space to have in-depth discussions in breakout sessions, with the aim to have tangible policy recommendations and action-steps at the end of the two-days. The topics for discussion at the Forum are:

  1. Peace, Conflict Mitigation, Elections, and Development
  2. Regional Cohesiveness: The role of Federal, Regional and State Government Institutions
  3. Climate Change and the Green Economy
  4. Economic Diversification and the Digital Economy

More information coming soon.